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Social networking is just an online extension of the basis of our cooperative model - "One man, one vote". We therefore thought it beneficial to continue defending our values and promoting our activities on these platforms, used by nearly two-thirds of internet users in France (2013 SND study).

We want to highlight our desire to choose innovation over everything else as well as to play an active role in internet exchanges.




As now is the time for sharing and openness and as we have a duty to defend the innovative image of agriculture and more specifically of our cooperative, we have been on Twitter since January 2014.

We tweet about the company, our products and the farming world. A great way to keep up to date with our Group in 140 characters!

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LinkedIn & Viadeo

Recognizing the importance of proximity in the relationship with the candidate, the Cooperative Group Maïsadour set up a business page on the two leading professional social network LinkedIn & Viadeo. Originally created for "networking" these platforms now offer opportunities for recruiters who can "hunt" interesting profiles. Also a good way for company employees to be connected to a virtual anchor and to participate in the development of their job and, more generally, of their compagny.

Recruiters are not the only ones who find utility in the system, the candidates themselves can now "hunt" the most attractive companies. The rules have changed and it is no longer the recruiter who holds the “power” but it he shares with the candidate and he has to show the best aspects of his compagny.
With these pages, the Cooperative Group hopes to give a positive image of the company and, more broadly, of the agricultural sector.

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