Maïsadour Maroc, the international development laboratory


Maïsadour Maroc, a subsidiary of the Maïsadour Cooperative Group, has been diversifying its activities for the last 10 years. To mark the anniversary of their packaging station, the Maïsadour Maroc teams invited their main long-standing producers, customers, partners and suppliers for a visit around the facilities in Ouled Teïma, close to Agadir.


Maïsadour’s activities in Morocco

Maïsadour has developed two complementary activities in Morocco.

Maïsadour Maroc’s activities include:

Maïsadour Agri Maroc produces the following on leased farms:


For the last three years, Maïsadour Maroc could be seen as an international development laboratory for the Maïsadour Cooperative Group. Indeed, the subsidiary received a boost of momentum and its activities diversified. The teams studied and conquered new markets. That’s how Maïsadour Maroc was able to expand upon its long-standing activities around fruit and vegetables and focus more on distribution of seeds and horse feed on the Moroccan market. 

Maïsadour Maroc remains committed to the cooperative tradition, i.e. uniting farmers around a single objective: being more dynamic on the market.

More specifically, in 2017 Maïsadour Maroc is diversifying its range of agricultural inputs to include agricultural plastics and more broadly all supplies required by Moroccan farmers.


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