Our well-thought-out international strategy is built to consolidate our agricultural production in the South-West of France and to strengthen our international growth engines.

The Maïsadour Cooperative Group has a worldwide presence, by exporting products from France and by establishing commercial and production subsidiaries outside of French borders.

The seeds branch has historically been established abroad - it has 12 commercial subsidiaries (in Continental Europe and Africa) as well as two production plants. Members of our cooperative produce grain, both raw and processed in the form of animal feed. These grains are then marketed around the world. Lastly, the fruit and vegetable sector has a subsidiary in North Africa.

Whether processed in France or in our subsidiaries in the rest of Europe and North America, our fine food products (foie gras, Bayonne ham, caviar, high-quality smoked salmon, sea food products), together with our poultry products are marketed in more than 65 countries.

The Group is present in all agricultural and food processing business sectors and possesses world-renowned French know-how. This know-how extends from the field to the consumer’s home and is promoted in a subsidiary which aims to market our knowledge to major players abroad. Apexagri is an engineering firm providing services carried out by technicians from the Group and its partners. Apexagri has three main areas of focus, namely securing supplies, establishing food processing industries and promoting agricultural production.

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