Ovalie-Innovation is a simplified joint-stock company jointly owned by the Maïsadour Cooperative Group and the Vivadour Cooperative Group. It was created in January 2012 with the purpose of stimulating and uniting innovation activities which have an impact on farms and industrial activities related to its shareholders. The aim, therefore, is to contribute to developing their performance and economic competitiveness through innovation, but also to improve their ability to meet corporate and regulatory requirements.

The structure is headed by a Scientific Manager, Thierry Véronèse, under the direct authority of the senior management of both Groups. The team of 5 performs a valuable "innovation support function". Their role is to instil a culture of innovation, act as internal advisors (methodology, public and private finance), provide access to strategic information (monitoring) and lastly to help implement innovation projects that result from this dynamic.

Ovalie Innovation also positions itself as an external interface structure, acting as a representative in relations with identified strategic innovation networks: Competitive Clusters, Regional Agencies, Technical Institutes, national and European research networks, etc...


Ovalie-Innovation relies on:


Ovalie-Innovation is developing its activity based on the Strategic Areas defined when the company was set up:


Here, for example, are some innovation levers that have a strong influence on Ovalie's actions: