Sustainable Development

"Corporate and Societal Responsibility (CSR) is a natural aspect of corporate governance"

- Observatoire de la Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises, 2011, (in french only).

Instigated in 2007/2008, our sustainable development approach has developed and grown year on year. It applies differently according to the challenges and priorities faced by the various business activities within our Group, the shape of which has changed rapidly over recent years, in terms of quality, quantity, and geographical coverage.

The general lines of our CSR policy concern challenges, common to all our activities:

Our CSR policy has been shaped by:

Our CSR policy is steered through the integration of a computer-based reporting tool, which will ensure our timely compliance with the new regulatory requirements.

Our annual activity report incorporates the first data, and this tool enables us to provide management with the means needed to continue implementing our approach.

Michel Montet,
Sustainable Development manager.


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