Men and women

Maïsadour is a cooperative group which brings together 8,000 members in the South-West of France. With them, the cooperative maintains close links across the whole of its geographical area.

As the cooperative grows, benefits resulting from this growth are reinvested. Priority is given to tools that enable us to strengthen, promote and sustain production outlets and as a result each farmer-member's activity.

What do members do?

Members, affiliates, associates: whatever word is used, the farmers own and have an active role in their cooperative through a share capital subscription that corresponds to their activities: delivering agricultural products, purchasing agricultural supplies, using services, animal production, purchasing animal feed, etc.

This means that farmers have various roles in their company: "co-owners", customers of supply products (crop fertilisation and protection products, animal nutrition), suppliers of animal or plant-based productions and supportive entrepreneurs.
As members, our farmers can spread risks and costs as well as collectively invest particularly in our food processing sectors.

As members, farmers can take part in the life and development of their cooperative.

Its democratic governance structure – "one man, one vote" – gives everyone a say in cooperative life – from the grass roots up to leadership as an administrator.

Who are Maïsadour members?

The men and women whose farms are located in the South-West of France. Maïsadour covers a geographical area that is geared towards breeding animals and growing multiple types of crop.

The majority of our members grow maize but they have also diversified in terms of what they produce for a long time. Now there are:


Maïsadour supports recently-established young farmers

Maïsadour ensures that the farmers of tomorrow receive its support. Young member farmers can benefit from aid provided by the Young Members Charter for 6 years through a scheme covering various types of production and aid. Maïsadour pays particular attention to its Young Members to support them during their start-up phase.