Our professions

6000 women and men make up our group. Each contributes to its level in the success of our development with the aim enhance the value of productions of the members of the cooperative. Here are a few sample profiles.

"Ground" teams receive support from cereals/supplies sales department


The aim of this department is to support teams working on the ground to advise farmers and sell them products. One of the main tasks therefore is to implement the whole range of essential tools with the aim of using them on the ground for farmers.
It's a case of listening and consulting with farmers", said Virginie, a manager of the sales team.

Communications with farmers, advertising boards for booths, technical data sheets, leaflets presenting the product or the team... These materials provide advisors on visit to farmers with a comprehensive overview of what they can provide: information on the company history, policy on agricultural supplies, types of services on offer, etc.

As well as marketing/sales, the sales team also acts as the link between the Grain branch of the Maïsadour Cooperative Group and Convergence, the central purchasing facility for procurement of crop- and seed-protection products. At the same time, the team manages market research panels on product trends and market developments in order to position the Group and define the areas of focus for sales.

Lastly, the department is tasked with relaying branch information via various information materials such as internal newspapers, newsletters, extranet site, etc.


International Volunteers in Business programme (V.I.E)


The International Volunteers in Business programme (Volontariat International en Entreprise, in French) was established by the law of 14 March 2000. It enables French companies to send a young employee (who is a citizen of a member state of the European Union) on a working assignment abroad for a period of anywhere from 6 to 24 months. The employee must be younger than 28.

Maïsadour Semences was the first company within the Group to send volunteers abroad. These assignments initially focused on marketing profiles, but our international development led us to diversify the assignments to include sales, R&D, management control... and there'll no doubt be many more offered in the years to come.

Our young employees who choose to volunteer abroad are usually motivated by the simplified formalities for their first professional experience abroad and the discovery of other countries and cultures, whilst working for a French company and paying contributions in France.

In terms of experience, everyone comes away feeling personally and professionally enriched and hugely satisfied that they improved their ability to adapt, understand a context and to implement important challenges, etc.




Two large accounting teams are dealing with the Group's numbers and figures: one is dedicated to Accounts Payable and general accounting, while the other to Accounts Receivable and accounts of our member farmers.

For Accounts Payable and general accounting, the tasks are spread across several profiles: internal re-invoicing, management control in accounting cycles, producing monthly accounting statements, checking transaction records, supporting the business sectors with their requests and issuing legal documents at the end of the financial year.

For Accounts Receivable and accounts of our member farmers, the tasks are just as varied. Recently, a position has been set up to monitor Accounts Receivable of the Distribution Branch. Its task is to check any cash shortages/overages that may occur in garden centres. Monitoring accounts of member farmers has historically been an important activity for the department.