Fermiers du Sud-Ouest


Maïsadour successfully preserved the region’s guiding values, drawn from its very first activity. Through its partners and business segments, Maïsadour guarantees fine food products from the South-West, an area rich in culinary expertise and flavours.

Role distributed with the development of Fermiers du Sud-Ouest

Firmly founded on the traditions of the Landes region, our members' products are marketed predominantly by Les Fermiers Landais SAS (Saint-Sever - Landes region). In 2009, after having collaborated with the Arrivé group for a few years, Maïsadour purchased all the shares and thereby consolidated its poultry sector.

The following year, a strategic alliance between the Maïsadour Cooperative Group and Terrena (a major player in the poultry sector through its subsidiary Gastronome) gave rise to Fermiers du Sud-Ouest, which today includes Fermiers Landais (poultry from the Landes region), Fermiers du Gers (poultry from the Gers region) and Fermiers du Périgord (poultry from the Périgord region). This alliance strengthens poultry production in the South-West and makes Fermiers du Sud-Ouest a front-line player on the French market with 850 employees, a turnover of €220m and 47,000 tonnes of products, which are mainly sold in supermarkets (49%), through traditional channels (41%) and abroad (9%).

Thanks to its various areas of production, Fermiers du Sud-Ouest has strong brands:

With a strong upstream division and a commercial partner that is well established on national networks, Fermiers du Sud-Ouest has the means to achieve its goals of continuing its market development whilst keeping customers satisfied. 

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