Established across the South-West of France, points of sale trading under the names Jardinerie Maïsadour, Gamm vert and Soumo promote the Maïsadour Cooperative Group's brand equity (sustainable development, local roots, sense of the earth, long-held aims) to our clients.

These three names have thus been promoting the group's values and commitments since 1969, in our 40 points of sale, in our purchasing policy as well as in our communications. Our strong local involvement, which is an essential connection to the earth, is part of the very essence of our garden centres. It is proof of how very close we are to our customers, and above all a guarantee to be the chain that opens gardening up to all, by providing a wide choice of plants, tools and products to make and maintain a garden and especially a vegetable patch. All this is combined with the expertise of our sales advisors.

Since we firmly believe that the Earth is a precious resource, we are naturally committed to a sustainable development approach. We are thus committed to promoting responsible gardening by encouraging good practices and providing environmentally-friendly products.

Boosted by our local roots in the South-West of France, we are cultivating our difference by inviting our customers to discover the true taste of the terroir. In particular, we are developing the "Sense of the Terroir" section, in which you'll find regional products made by local producers, as well as utensils for home-made cooking.

We are mindful of the well-being of pets, livestock and farmyard animals, and so we also offer a wide range of Maïsadour Cooperative Group products geared towards them.

Lastly, to enable our customers to buy products at the best price, we have made a list of products at "unbeatable" prices, meeting precise specifications.

Our closeness to our customers is reflected in a customised loyalty scheme.

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Soumo, a central purchasing facility and an innovative distribution concept for mechanised agriculture

Soumo was formed by a partnership between the Maïsadour Cooperative Group and Vivadour and has broadened the scope of its activity with investments into Gamm vert SA and several French cooperatives (Agralys, Arterris, Greenval, Lur Berri Distribution, Mendiko, Noriap, Terre du Sud and Vertdis).

It is a central purchasing facility and an innovative distribution concept for mechanised agriculture. Soumo prov

ides individuals and professionals with products and services designed to maintain gardens, green spaces, parks and forests. The brand name offers 2,000 products and has more than 300 points of sale across the whole of France.

On 18 March 2014, the Maïsadour Cooperative Group inaugurated its first Soumo point of sale based on the "shop in shop" concept, next to a Maïsadour garden centre. This concept is based on four clearly-identified domains: gardening, tools, mowing and ride-on mowers. In all, there are 6 Soumo shops in the South-West region of France.

Soumo is also, and above all else, a company that offers services for its members (extranet site, training, referencing, products, etc.) as well as for its customers (internet site, after-sales service, long term guarantees, etc.). 

The central purchasing facility is deploying this shop in shop concept for mechanised agriculture among its members.

The Maïsadour Cooperative Group is present across its geographical area


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