The History of Maison Sarrade

Founded in 1850 by Jean Saturnin Sarrade in Eauze, Gers, Maison Sarrade's history is above all one of a family, and a passion for the terroir of the South-West of France, and more specifically foie gras. A member of the Groupe Coopératif Maïsadour since 1997, Sarrade has never ceased to develop and innovate.
Sarrade draws on a long history of expertise. In fact, it has deep roots in fattened duck. The brand is renowned amongst chefs thanks to its 100% French integrated production units which enable it to offer the finest products to restaurants in France and the rest of the world. In 2007, Sarrade developed its culinary expertise by extending its product portfolio to include another iconic speciality of the South West - Bayonne ham. A few years later, it continued its development by entering the smoked salmon and culinary aids and sauces markets, as well as expanding its offer to include prepared dishes.

The Preferred Brand of Chefs

The Sarrade brand is dedicated exclusively to HORECA professionals. To respond to the needs of these caterers, Sarrade carefully selects only the finest products. A rapidly growing, dynamic brand, it is present both in France and abroad.
Its aim: to share the art and culture of French gastronomy.
Sarrade surrounds itself with only the best. Its brand ambassador is none other than Guy Martin, who represents the finest products of our terroir all around the world. Here in the Landes, Philippe Garret, Culinary and Innovations Advisor, supports the brand in its daily work to respond to the needs of professionals by developing recipes and product innovations.

The Sarrade Trusted Name

Our obligations to our clients rest on 5 main pillars:


 Foie gras et viande de canard, jambon et salaison, saumon fumé. Des produits d'excellence au service des Professionnels de la Gastronomie.

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