Founded in 1890 in Sarlat in the Périgord area of France, the Delpeyrat firm is nowadays the ambassador of French gastronomy in more than 60 countries. Proud of its Périgord roots, the company now has its head office in the Landes and is constantly developing and innovating to offer the best products from its quality-certified sectors, relying on its acknowledged teams and expertise. Delicate foie gras, tasty Bayonne ham and smooth smoked salmon carry on the high-quality tradition that was started over 100 years ago. These products are an elegant and savorous part of the Maïsadour Cooperative Group's strategy, whose brand Delpeyrat is one of the jewels in the company's crown.

With 1,800 employees, 20 production sites and a turnover of 450 million euros, Delpeyrat is a major player in today’s French food processing sector. Supermarket retail chains distribute our wide range of products which are always a welcome guest at any table.


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