Each day, Les Poissonniers Delmas selects premium-quality fish that has been passionately reared, and prepare it openly.

Our history: 120 years of passion

In 1892, the Delmas family fished for wild salmon in the waters of the river Allier, in Auvergne. In Brioude (Haute-Loire), a town that at the time was the European capital of salmon, the first Delmas fish were filleted.
A century later, in 1990, Pierre Delmas decided to keep this fourth generation of expertise going, by founding Saumonerie Saint Ferréol. The first Label Rouge smoked salmon bore the name of "Robert Delmas".

In the 1970s, with the scarcity of wild river salmon and the significant rise farmed Norwegian salmon, French aquaculture began to develop particularly in the South-West. Thanks to its countless sources of pure water and its protective forests, the department of the Landes became one of the most productive areas, particularly for rainbow trout. The Salmona Group became a key player in the sector. Based in the town of Castets in the heart of the Landes, the Group would become Viviers de France in 1997.

In 2012, the Maïsadour Cooperative Group set up a new fish processing entity, through its subsidiary MVVH. MVVH acquired the processing sites of Viviers de France, Saumonerie Saint-Ferréol and finally a processing unit based in Normandy.

In 2015, Delmas was back in stores. Our fish can be found at the traditional fish counter and in the self-service section. Seasonal recipes round off our product ranges.

Our job: to prepare fresh fish in France

Delmas is a company that specialises in processing fresh fish.
We buy, fillet and prepare fish either reared in fish farms located close to our workshops or from the Atlantic Ocean. The company employs over 100 people in France across two workshops. Our workshop in Castets is IFS-certified and works with farms in the South-West of France, the Pyrenees and Spain. Trout, salmon and sea bream are prepared here.
Delmas sells its fillets, steaks and preparations of fresh fish at the fish counter, in the self-service section as well as in traditional fishmongers.

Our commitments: always by your side!

Les Poissonniers Delmas has simple-to-follow and delicious recipes that the whole family will love.


Salmon, trout, cod... Delmas offers a wide range of fish


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