Vegetables and sweetcorn


Vegetables in France:

Maïsadour cooperative's vegetable producers came together to form a Producers' Organisation recognised by the French Ministry of Agriculture. These producers are committed to a collective approach in producing high-quality vegetables, allowing them to meet not only the requirements of their industrial and supermarket customers but especially the requirements of the final consumer. There are two distinct activities: fresh vegetables, vegetables and sweetcorn for processing


Fresh vegetables:

Production developed around an iconic product in the Aquitaine region: asparagus. Around 40 producers harvest more than 1,300 t of asparagus each year across an area of close to 300 ha. The asparagus they produce has an official quality label: Protected Geographical Indication "Asperges des sables des Landes", meaning that the product's origin is identified and its high quality is guaranteed.

The asparagus is currently packaged at the Magescq and Herm plants. A new unit dedicated to asparagus will open in 2016, enabling sorting and packaging operations to take place on the same site from 2017. This effective resource will process close to 1,800 tonnes of asparagus and will be IFS-certified (International Food Standard) in order to meet our customers' expectations.

The asparagus market is changing. The traditional 5 kg pack is losing ground to new types of packaging such as smaller sales units which better meet consumers' current requirements. Our asparagus is marketed by the firm Prim’co, meaning that it can be sold under the Priméale brand, the leading name in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector.


Sweetcorn and vegetables for processing:

Each year, close to 200 producers across 6,500 ha of land produce:


The vegetables are destined for two processing units located in the Landes area:

Just like for fresh vegetables, various production specifications are implemented to guarantee the quality of our products. Two such organisations, which deal with these specifications, are GlobalGap, which marked 12 years of involvement within our producer network in 2014, and Leaf, a private standard of British supermarkets.



Organic vegetables:

For Maïsadour, production of certified organic vegetables achieves the following numbers: 40 t of asparagus produced across 8 ha, 275 t of peas across 50 ha and 6,500 t of sweetcorn across 400 ha. This production method is still rather limited and should develop within our producer network in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for Agriculture Biologique-certified vegetables (organic production). 


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