Selection and incubation


The Maïsadour producer group is working with a French selection organisation which is an essential tool in adapting production to meet consumers' quality and quantity requirements.

Two of their selection centres are located in Souprosse and Morcenx, in the Landes region.

As for chick production, we have been in a partnership with SASSO for several years. SASSO was created in 1978 by major groups producing Label poultry and is established in the Landes region. Its aim is to select chickens to meet market requirements for high quality products.
SASSO distributes breeding Label and farm chickens in France and worldwide.
Its selection centre is in Sabres, in the Landes region. Its multiplication site is in Soulitré, in the Sarthe area.



Maïsadour, Vivadour and Val de Sèvre (MVVH) have been working together in the incubation activity for many years. Raising what will become breeding hens and ducks from their hatching until they lay eggs themselves, producing, incubating and candling eggs, hatching and delivery are just some of the stages that prove our expertise in this area.

Pampered ducklings

With Mulor and Sud-Ouest Accouvage, the Group is developing the production of Moulard ducklings in the South-West and can supply customer producer groups on an almost independent basis. 70% of production is destined for Maïsadour groups while the rest goes to our other customers and partners: Vivadour, Excel, Val de Sèvre, Canadour, Terres du Sud, Délices d’Auzan or Aviservices.
Palmidor, based in Carcarès-Sainte-Croix in the Landes, joined the Maïsadour Cooperative Group in 2000 and was renamed Mulor. The company had a facility used to hatch ducklings destined for the Group's breeders. By 2005, the site had reached saturation point (meeting only 20% of the Group's requirements). It was then that we took the opportunity to exploit a disused hatchery in Aignan in the Gers region and a project to economically revive the sector was launched. Sud-Ouest Accouvage was thus created in 2007, with the site being a new supply source of ducklings and goslings to members of Maïsadour and Vivadour as well as to Provif customers. With the creation of Sud-Ouest Accouvage, a part of duckling production in the South-West could be relocated. Three other sites in the Landes and the Gers produce eggs.

To meet this growing demand, the Carrère site in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques area, purchased in 2008 and initially specialised in force-feeding, completely changed focus in 2013 to specialise in incubation too.

Our quality objective: the breeding flocks and the hatchery should be approved under Veterinary Services Department sanitary inspections.

Chicks and young guinea-fowl

Up until the summer of 2013, the poultry incubation activity was carried out by Landaise d’Aviculture, located in Sarbazan in the Landes.

Incubation is not one of Maïsadour's core business areas, so we wanted to create an alliance with a specialised partner in order to create profitable vertical value chains. A merger of the activity was therefore negotiated in 2013 with Hendrix Genetics. This agreement gave rise to Caringa Sud-Ouest, which is predominantly controlled and managed by "Caringa", Hendrix Genetics' Traditional Poultry division.

Maïsadour retains a blocking minority in the new entity, keeps its strategic link and ensures these activities continue within its production area, whilst benefiting from economies of scale and the expertise of this new international, family-owned partner.