A comprehensive organisation to promote fine food products from the South-West of France

Several production organisations

Animal production is split across several organisations. Each is closer to its producers and opportunities. Maïsadour group is a part of the cooperative since 1993, the Provif subsidiary since 2005 and the Canadour-Coqadour compagny since July 2011. Canadour-Coqadour supplies local traditional customers.

This structural set-up provides breeders with all the advice needed to produce poultry or palmipeds on their farms, whether already fattened or not. It manages schedules, breeding follow-up as well as interactions with slaughterhouses and processing companies.
This means that the Maïsadour Cooperative Group's poultry and palmiped foie gras industries are well managed across the board.

Indeed, the Group is present from the selection stage right through to the marketing of the final product, not forgetting the crucial incubation stage.
These well-managed industries enable us to provide consumers with products under official quality labels (Label Rouge, Protected Geographical Indication, etc.).

Élevage Service for installing equipment

To complement these industries, the Group also has a subsidiary called Elevage Service, specialised in installing equipment for breeding farms. Elevage Service is certified ISO 9001.
This subsidiary is specialised in designing and constructing buildings and equipment specifically for the breeding and force-feeding industry. Elevage Service works with all producers in the South West of France, beyond the Group.

There is an Elevage Service shop in Saint-Sever, in the Landes. It offers breeders a comprehensive range of breeding equipment as well as hygiene and nutritional products.


Sud-Ouest Agri Services (SOAS) for various services

 For many years, the Maïsadour Cooperative Group had been looking for a sustainable solution regarding the management of capturing poultry. Sud-Ouest Agri Services was therefore established in 2011, in partnership with Avilog (a subsidiary of the Mousset Group). 

This new company provides any poultry and palmiped breeder in the region with a wide range of services such as capturing or vaccination.

Maïsadour can thus meet breeders' essential requirements in this area, while guaranteeing that occupational and safety regulations are adhered to.