A comprehensive organisation

The Maïsadour Cooperative Group's poultry business is unique in France: it is involved from the selection stage of Label Rouge poultry stocks (SASSO) right through to the marketing stage (Les Fermiers Landais). This business area is the source of the first Label Rouge chicken (free-range corn-fed chicken from France).


A strong position on the markets

500 members are involved in production, most of whom are based in the Landes.

This production business historically held the first Label Rouge (and has held it since 13 January 1965) and by volume is the second largest producer of Label poultry in France. The organisation manages the production and marketing of over 21 million units of poultry.

Production headed by Maïsadour

The Maïsadour group is in charge of organising production. It manages the schedule, support producers and work with market outlets.


Marketing headed by Fermiers Landais

Using the "Landes" image as a firm base, it is predominantly Les Fermiers Landais that market the products under brands such as St-Sever, Marie Hot and Peyriguet. Located in Saint-Sever (Landes South West of France),  Les Fermiers Landais slaughter and market high-quality poultry from the South-West of France. They are undisputedly the leading producers of Landes farm poultry and corn-fed farm chickens in France.