Maïsadour has an important implication in the foie gras sector: from the selection stage to the incubation stage through Mulor and Sud-Ouest Accouvage, through to processing and marketing within the Fine Food division.
The Group is a pioneer of the "South-West duck foie gras PGI*" process and wants to embed quality production in the South-West.
Furthermore, to keep pace with market demand, the group now has 700 farmers working in the breeding and force-feeding industry in the Vendée region and South-West.

From production...

The Maïsadour Group has been producing since 1993 and the subsidiary Provif since 2004.
The Group is nowadays the undisputed leader in terms of managing the breeding and force-feeding of geese and ducks.
The producer group plans and finances any project in the breeding and force-feeding industry. The group contractualises its members' production with major processing companies in the South-West.
Provif, meanwhile, produces and trades live palmipeds. The activity is organised so as to fully meet Delpeyrat's production requirements, i.e. ducks of French origin and ducks with a PGI*.

Its main role is to supply Delpeyrat with fattened ducks at the best possible value as well as to position itself on the market with a trading activity.
Provif's area of activity extends as far south as Toulouse and as far north as Cahors. It covers the same region as the Maïsadour Cooperative Group's animal nutrition activity, namely the South-West. marketing

Delpeyrat markets the products under the following brands: Delpeyrat or, Sarrade.


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