Animal feed


An overall approach and extensive experience in the nutrition sector

Having great knowledge of the feed produced as well as ensuring its reliability and traceability are major assets for producers working under official quality labels.
Within this context, designing and providing food programs as well as recovering raw materials in our regions are all considered by the group.

The Animal nutrition sector joined the developing production of Label Rouge and Landes Liberté chickens very early on, but also the foie gras duck industry. The sector therefore carefully selects raw materials that mostly come from within the region. Food safety and traceability dictate a rigorous set of specifications for suppliers.

Independent certifying bodies control more than 80% of the volume produced:

However, our teams' skill does not stop there; it also covers solid experience in nutrition for beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats, horses, pigs, sheep (for both meat and dairy production) as well as ornamental birds and game, etc.


Sud-Ouest Aliment is a leader in animal nutrition

In 2008, the Maïsadour Cooperative Group and the Vivadour and Gascoval cooperative Groups, now Val de Gascogne and Gersycoop, decided to combine their animal nutrition sectors to create the leading company in this domain in the South-West: Sud-Ouest Aliment. It is now well established in the news regions of Aquitaine Poitou-Charentes Limousin and Languedoc-Roussillon Midi-Pyrénées and has a client base of more than 8,000 breeders with a market share of more than 33% in these regions.

Sud-Ouest Aliment is relying on more than 40 years' experience, and was formed with factories and businesses belonging to Aliso, Descal, Landal and Pyrénal. Sud-Ouest Aliment now has an industrial and commercial potential of 800,000 tonnes with a turnover of around 250 million euros. The Haut-Mauco factory in the Landes region is more productive than any other, annually producing 200,000 tonnes of feed.

In 2010, the company created a bagging distribution platform in Cestas, near Bordeaux, with the aim of reducing the amount of time the feed was transported in bags. Since, other stores and agencies SOAL/EVIALIS have been set up on the area.
In the same year, the fully organic manufacturing site in Castelnau-d’Auzan, in the Gers area, was incorporated in order to diversify and enable Sud-Ouest Aliment to provide organic feed to its breeder customers.

In 2011, Sud-Ouest Aliment inaugurated a new flaked feed production unit on its industrial site in Anan (Haute-Garonne region), mainly provided to the equine feed.

In the last couple of years, the take-over of Evialis' sites (Orthez and Gourdon) and Alilandes (Saint-Sever) have enabled the range of feed to be expanded, and permit to InVivo Group to become a shareholder of Sud-Ouest Aliment. Bazkaona established in 2016, from the merge of Errecart, Suhubiette and Laborari (Orègue), opened up our development in the Basque country. Similarly, the recent partnership with Terres du Sud and the creation of Sojapress in Sainte-Livrade-sur-Lot, in the Lot-et-Garonne area, mean that productions can be processed and secured, thereby ensuring 100% traceability of organic soya beans. All this means that we can meet our customers' requirements and promote our local organic business sectors.

In 2015-2016, Sud-Ouest Aliment diversified its activity by setting mash product market to cattle and horses, creating the company Sud-Ouest Mash. In fact, Sud-Ouest Mash wishes to acquire a significant market share, particularly in Aveyron. In this area, the Baulez company specialized in food and agricultural supplies joined the Sud-Ouest Aliment.

Sud-Ouest Aliment now has 14 production sites spread across the South-West. The feed is marketed under the following brands: Passi'O (for ruminants), Aliments de la Basse-Cour (for poultry and palmipeds), Instinct Sauvage (for game), Destrier and Vivallure (for horses) and the Jardinerie Maïsadour and Gamm vert for feed sold to the general public...

Its specialized sales teams in nutrition accompany breeders and participate in the development of animal production on the Sud-Ouest Aliment territory.

Nutricia: formulation, research and development

Through its subsidiary Nutricia, the Maïsadour Cooperative Group is involved in nutrition for major animal production businesses in the region. Nutricia brings together the following skills for the Group: research with an experimental station in Benquet, in the Landes region, nutrition, formulation, quality, purchasing of raw materials, logistics, management control, industrial performance and investments for Sud-Ouest Aliment's production sites. Currently, these production sites are all ISO 9001 certified (2000 version) following some work put in by Nutricia teams on the quality management system.

The experimental station was established in 1987 and is dedicated to fattened palmipeds and free-range poultry. It is a determining factor for the performance of business sectors operating under official quality labels (Label Rouge, IGP). First set up in Pomarez in the Landes area, it relocated in 2013 to Benquet close to the Palmipôle (INRA- CEPSO- ITAVI). The aim of this new 3-hectare station is to support applied research for full-scale experimentations on breeding and forcefeeding palmipeds. Following Nutricia's work, we have made much progress in terms of breeding. As well as an experimental station, it is also a valuable mini-farm with buildings covering 400 m², and both indoor and outdoor ranges. Research is carried out here in conventional breeding conditions.
This approach is also complemented by 7 trial sites on breeders' farms which are monitored by technicians in the Group's animal production sector.

There are over 400 feed options which are being developed and constantly optimised by the technical department. The station's innovations have allowed various players within the sector to stay a few steps ahead of the competition.