Over the years, Maïsadour has pursued a policy of creating alliances in keeping with the Group's commitments. Maïsadour has been able to balance its Agricultural & Fine Food Divisions while developing responsibly in line with the economic activity in the South-West of France.

Then, upstream agricultural operations continuing their balanced development, such as seeds activities on the new Eastern European market, vegetable production and of course major crops and animal production.

Each of our activities oriented for consumers continuing to grow: the Fine Food division continues to grow to Delpeyrat or Comtesse du Barry. So too does the Poultry Division (Fermiers du Sud-Ouest with the St Sever brand) as well as the Garden Centre & Motorised Gardening Division, which maintains a local service (shops under the brand name Gamm vert groupe Maïsadour).

The Group's policy has then been to strengthen the position of multi-disciplinary departments by implementing a certification process according to ISO reference 9001v2008.
The Group's multi-disciplinary departments have an active role to play in advising and supporting branches on their day-to-day operations. The branches can then focus on their core business area and rely on strong internal skills.

This organisation is typically a customer-supplier relationship

The scope to these departments covers concerned the following: